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Day Program
SUNDAY Lectionary Readings followed by Homily.
MONDAY Daily Reflection: Fr. Timothy
Dialogue with Religions: Mr. John Bosco
Religions News : Mr. Anthony
Catechism: Mr. John
TUESDAY Daily Reflection : Fr. Timothy
Life & Impact of Saint/People: Sr. Cecilia
Religions News: Mr. John
Church History: Mr. John Bosco
WEDNESDAY Daily Reflection: Fr. Timothy
Family/Youth/ Children: Mr. John Bosco
Religions News : Fr. Timothy
Questions and Answers : Mr. John Bosco
THURSDAY Daily Reflection: Fr. Timothy
Teaching and Impact of Pope Francis: Mr. Anthony
Religions News: Sr. Cecilia
Dialogue with Cultures: Mr. John
FRIDAY Daily Reflection: Fr. Timothy
Environmental climate change : Mr. John
Religions News : Mr. John Bosco
Gospel Reading: Youth
SATURDAY Lectionary Readings and Advance Sunday Homily.